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    On Tuesday, Scripps News Kansas City continued its investigation into three police raids one of which took place at a Kansas newspaper by paying a visit to the Marion police chief who was involved.Chief Gideon Cody, the man behind the badge, and who is behind Friday's raid on the Marion Coun…

      President Joe Biden travels to Wisconsin to highlight his economic policies, just a week before Republicans descend on Milwaukee for the party’s first presidential debate of the 2024 campaign.

        My colleague Nicole Russell recently wrote that hard-core MAGA Trump voters are to blame for the persistence of the former president’s poll numbers. Like true fanatics, they have proven themselves incapable of accepting even valid criticisms of the once and former president, all in service to their bizarre addiction. They have been “conned by one of the best,” she explained, acting “more like a committed cult” than a political party.

          A county election worker in Oregon recently found himself in an unsettling situation during his rounds collecting ballots from drop boxes. A disgruntled woman, driving erratically, had been following him for hours. As the situation escalated, the woman began shouting that she had a gun and would continue filming him doing his job. Unfortunately, this election worker is not alone.

            Alicia Mohondro lost her home in the wildfire that tore through the western Maui community of Lahaina. She says she received no warnings before she was forced to flee amid heavy smoke and flames and hopes the disaster will lead to a change in the alert system. 'The fire was so fast, it was a…


            When asked about gun control in his recent town hall meeting, Rep. Mike Flood said, "I do not support infringing the rights of law-abiding Nebraskans."

            Collecting signatures by Support Our Schools Nebraska (before Aug. 30) simply allows Nebraskans to vote on whether to repeal LB753, which diverts public tax dollars to fund private schools through “tuition scholarships.”

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