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    In the recent point/counterpoint over the next farm bill (LJS, July 30), neither Benjamin Powell nor Lily Roberts mentioned the impact of our trade policy on foreign countries. The question I ask is this: Does subsidized agriculture bring immigrants to our border?

      On Purple Heart Day, which was Aug. 7, we noted that the Major Richard Star Act, which gives full disability retirement pay to 50,000 severely combat-injured, is the most cosponsored bill in Congress. But not by Reps. Adrian Smith and Mike Flood.

        With apologies to companies that build the tennis barns that already exist in Woods Park, they are ugly. They are barns, pure and simple, and in no way add to a peaceful green space within a city.

          Contrary to Michael Henkenius’ recent letter attacking Support Our Schools Nebraska ("Petition isn't about the kids," Aug. 2), the petition is about supporting kids and our public schools, where 90% of children in Nebraska are educated.

            I have lived in Lincoln for 30 years. I also went to college here for four years. I have never seen an Airport Authority and the employees of the Lincoln Airport work so hard to bring us such a great product to work with.

            Gov. Jim Pillen has asked the U.S. agriculture secretary to "ensure Nebraska cattle producers will receive the maximum payment from the Livestock Indemnity Program for losses they incurred during the heat wave."

            A couple of thoughts about the way our government and the Department of Justice are responding to Donald Trump. Whether you support Donald Trump or not, this is not the way a democracy should respond to the threat it believes Donald Trump to be.

            The Aug. 7 Journal Star front page contains an article where Sen. Pete Ricketts states he is trying to "help restore integrity to the justice system," as countless Nebraskans are concerned about weaponizing the justice system ("Ricketts calls for attorney probe").

            Ever since Joe Biden announced his run for the White House, the media has been asking about his involvement in his son’s business dealings with foreign countries.

            As a mom and grandmother, I know how important it is that new moms have access to care after their child is born. With the passage of LB227, approved by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Jim Pillen, the Nebraska Medicaid Department now has a terrific opportunity to help moms enroll…

            The time has come to replace Kevin with Charlie McCarthy. True, Edgar Bergen’s dummy had wood between his ears but not as much as Kevin. What’s more, Charlie always made sense, even within his nonsense.


            Recently, my husband travelled to Nashville, Tennessee, on Red Way airline, our family's first time using the airline. We were highly skeptical. Having horrible experiences with other low-fare airlines, I prepared for unexpected high fees when buying the tickets. I was surprised to find that…

            The Journal Star reported the proceedings of the July 18 Lancaster County Board meeting, specifically regarding people from a group identified as the Nebraska Voter Accuracy Project. This group has approached the board over the past few meetings raising questions about the legitimacy of past…

            First Amendment rights are paramount to our free society, but so are the guardrails that protect us against misinformation, conspiracy theories and lies. Artificial intelligence — AI — is absolutely astoundingly amazing technology, but if it is used for nefarious reasons, in the wrong hands,…

            Getting more uncomfortable and more anxious as temperatures continue to break records and impacts of climate change bombard our country and world? The situation is dire but not hopeless if we act now. Here are things we all need to do starting today:

            The new concealed carry law passed by the last session of the Nebraska Legislature is bad legislation in many respects. Sen. Tom Brewer has created a trap for the unwary by pushing concealed carry for Nebraskans.

            The Nebraska teachers union is trying to take away scholarships for low-income Nebraska students. That's what the petition to repeal the Opportunity Scholarship Act does. The petition misrepresents the scholarship act and will take away school choice for low-income Nebraska students.

            It seems that Gov. Jim Pillen thinks it is all right for everyone to carry a concealed weapon. Perhaps he misses the days when we watch shows like "Bonanza" and "Gunsmoke" and wants to return to the Wild West.

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